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Trend Report from KBIS 2016

We just returned a few weeks ago from a very successful trip to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2016 in sunny Las Vegas during Design & Construction Week.  Strolling amongst tens of thousands of fellow industry professionals we made our way aisle by aisle in search of new product for IBS-2016-Benchmark-Cooking-Linear-and-30in-BI-RFs-300x225our Houston marketplace.   Being trend spotters, we noticed new appliance finishes making their debut.  Two noteworthy introductions were GE‘s Slate finish and one of my all time fave designers, Suzanne Kasler’s  debut of a French inspired pink she developed in collaboration with the uberstylish handmade super ranges by La Cornue.  Black is back and popping up across many Kitchen and Bath channels.  A sleek Matte Black was seen in appliances, hardware and plumbing fixtures to name a few.  One of our treasured trade partners, Bosch|Thermador|Gaggeneau had a show stopping destination retreat featuring multiple chefs cooking delicious food among drool-worthy vignettes.  In our new design showroom Bosch’s BenIBS-2016-BI-Rfs-Fade-to-Black-Panels-300x225chmark series set in a linear cooking display will be front and center  –  a 2015 trend that is definitely here to stay.  It’s clean, efficient and sleek, to say the least, blending art and architecture harmoniously together.   Also seen featured was the color BLUE used in custom cabinets, sinks, kitchen cabinet accents and the newly popular back painted glass tiles and doors.   We really dug the sleek blue panels that Bosch featured on their dual refrigerator and wine chiller display.Who doesn’t love jewelry for the kitchen?  We bee-lined over to Top Knobs and Atlas to catch all their new introductions and two of my favorites were Atlas’s Steampunk collection in vintage brass and Top Knobs Barrington series featuring a new take on linear pulls.  Cabinet Hardware has certainly evolved from the days of my youth where only a few basic styles were available.

Barington-board-300x295According to NKBA’s 2016 Kitchen Trend Reports, some of the top features you should expect to see more of are:

  1. Transitional kitchens carry the bulk of the designs, but Contemporary styling will be an emerging    Except to see more floating shelves and open cabinets as well.
  2. Gray/White/Off-White will most likely be the top cabinet colors and finishes. Pops of color and the use of multiple colors and stains in the same kitchen create eye candy and follow the trends of today’s interior design aesthetics.
  3. Kitchen accessories are becoming more elaborate and more in demand. Rev-A-Shelf, the organizers dream line and others showcased new introductions including multiple layered drawers, blind corner grab and pull shelving with laminate bottoms for easy cleaning.
  4. Wood flooring will still dominate as the flooring of choice, however LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) planks are looking and feeling like real hardwoods with none of the upkeep.
  5. Granite, Quartz and the emerging porcelain antibacterial counter tops are leading the pack but expect to see more wood5372-GR-Rev-a-Shelf-214x300 and mixed material as well in 2016
  6. Multiple appliances in the same kitchen is not just for Kosher kitchens anymore.  The more the merrier with two of everything – refrigerators, wine chillers and dishwashers to name a few.
  7. Built in Coffee Stations, Wet Bars and utility sinks are featured in today”s modern kitchens.
  8. Pocket doors and barn doors will be making more appearances than ever before.  JenWeld is debuting a new line especially for this in-demand look.
  9. We love our pets and they are not being left out.  Pet Stations are featuring spring release toe kick drawers for food and water bowls or special end sections of islands with built in hide-a-ways and napping stations.
  10. Technology is here to stay and designated docking stations or built in charging drawers with USB outlets are on the move.

I can”t wait until next year when KBIS 2017 will travel to our nation”s favorite winter getaway – Orlando, Florida.Coming Soon – 2016 Bath Trends

Trend Report from KBIS 2016 | Bath Edition

During our visit to the KBIS 2016, a number of trends in bath design seemed to be resonating among the industry partners. According to the acclaimed futurist, Faith Popcorn and her marketing consultation company, Brain Reserve, who coined the term “cocooning” in 1981 when describing home buying needs as “The need to protect oneself from the harsh, unpredictable realities of the outside world , she thinks 2016 has evolved into “bunkering” or “uber cocooning” . This need to hunker down has been a great influencer in home designs in the past and even more so today where we are seeing the Master Bath elevated to more of a destination inside the home than has ever been in the past. Simple design lines merge with universal design and nature employing a variety of elements creating spa-like spaces that becomes rooms to truly linger in. Soft colors, minerals, stone and wood take center stage while comfort points like music, lighting and built-in storage solutions provide the reason to never leave.   As a lover of beauty in functional design, I was elated to see the direction we are moving in this regard. Comfort rules with unique plumbing fixtures such as bidets, self-cleaning toilets and luxurious soaking tubs that play music to soothe and quiet your soul.


Kohler introduced several new VibrAcoustic® Hydrotherapy tubs that play music. Kohler explains, “With VibrAcoustic technology, vibrations surround your body and resound throughout your core as the sonic rhythms pulse both above and below the waterline. Choose one of our four original compositions, or listen to music on your own personal device. Either way, the experience results in a relaxation and calm that’s about as close to a spa session as you can get at home.”


Winning Silver in the KBIS 2016 Best of Bath is Toto®’s luxury dual flush Neorest® 750H, featuring a waste repelling titanium bowl with heated seat, a personal cleansing and drying system, and an air purification system. At over $10,000, the lid opens and closes by itself, automatically flushes and when all is said and done, will also clean itself. We are seeing more aging-in-place features like comfort height toilets, decorative grab bars, 36” high floating vanities and no threshold showers and wet rooms, an open concept that houses both the luxury tub and shower.

contemporary-bathroomContemporary Bathroom by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Shirley Meisels

Also presenting easy access as we age are floating shelves and back saving roll out shelves and storage solutions. Although, the freestanding tub is becoming more of a mainstay, especially in urban areas than the usual built -in tub, we discovered an unique, environmentally friendly indoor spa system which can be used as both a bathtub and an therapeutic quality spa with the flip of a switch. It features a touch friendly control panel to operate various levels of massage and air, LED lighting, eco-friendly sanitizers. Its own cover and internal heating system keeps the water temperature at the perfect level for you to use nightly without the need to drain and refill with water. A remodeler’s dream bath solution, the Hydreddi Revolution in a variety of shapes and sizes will be ready for distribution by Builder’s Choice, Inc. in Houston very soon. For more information contact 281-820-6771.