The company’s potential was recognized by business entrepreneur, Ivan Madrigal, who purchased Builder’s Choice in 2014.  Madrigal saw an opportunity to transform a business, in a local market and aspirationally, an industry.  Many building material manufacturers embraced continuous improvement and quality initiatives however the service and trade base lagged behind. In the first months of ownership, Madrigal envisioned creating a positive customer experience through a vastly improved service platform from a foundation of continuous improvement heavily based on LEAN Six Sigma methods. Madrigal focused the company on a single metric, First Time Installation Quality, as the pivot point for the operational turnaround, setting the foundation for a great culture, community service, winning in the field for the customer and industry leading quality.  Madrigal recalls the first advice he received after purchasing Builder’s Choice from the CEO of one of the largest privately held home builders in the country, “Ivan, it has been my experience that the biggest challenge in cabinetry is getting all the right parts and pieces, to the right house, at the right time and then do a great job installing it. I haven’t found many companies that do that well over my career”. This was great advice from someone who founded a multi-billion dollar home building company in his 20s. Madrigal took this as a challenge to do each of these parts of the business not only well, but to perform world class. Since then Builder’s Choice has grown from cabinetry to countertops, windows, appliances, showrooms, custom millwork manufacturing and other products and related businesses. The company and its affiliates now supply over 6,000 homes per year of various products as well as over 100 multi-million dollar homes per year and thousands of condo units in TX and FL.

In 2015, Madrigal hired Linda Stewart, an established residential development expert, to deepen the company’s experience in construction from the perspective of the builder. Today she is a partner in the company. Madrigal met Stewart on a sales call as he wanted her to specify his products. By the end of the two-and-a-half-hour initial meeting they decided this was a partnership in the making. Stewart also brings an incredible career as a home builder, remodeler, interior designer, marketer and high-end design consultant to custom builders. Stewart’s homes, while a principal owner at HHN homes, were widely regarding as being a market design trend leader and built over 1,500 homes throughout the Houston area. Today, Builder’s Choice continues to grow through reputation with its partners who are more than willing to share our mutual successes with Houston’s community of builders and developers.  Builder’s Choice remains the first name customers can count on for cabinet design and installation, in demand natural and man-made stone countertops, and a full spectrum of production and luxury windows and doors that will arrive on time and in budget.

Our company has grown from a handful of employees to over 50 residential professionals who handle every aspect of sales, design, field management, order processing and custom service to provide the exemplary customer experience we are known for.