Ivan Madrigal, Principal Owner

Ivan Madrigal combines years of entrepreneurship, management, business operations, IT, Lean Six Sigma and M&A experience to reconfigure businesses into profitable companies modeled after Fortune 500 enterprises. As a serial business “fixer”, Ivan applies metrics, quality control mechanisms, and technology to harness the potential of existing businesses and help them thrive. Today, Ivan oversees a portfolio of growing businesses including Builder’s Choice where he champions a culture of service accountability. He is intimately involved in the company’s strategic planning, positioning, and quality control initiatives.

“The difference between Builder’s Choice and competitors isn’t the type of cabinets we offer; it’s our service attitude and turnaround times that keep builders coming back to us.”

LINDA STEWART, vp – marketing & product development

Linda Stewart is a 30-year business aficionado with extensive experience in residential development and design. Before joining Builder’s Choice, Linda worked at the forefront of residential development and marketing with renowned builders. Because she was once a customer of Builder’s Choice, Linda has first hand knowledge of her customers’ needs, industry gaps, and what opportunities exist to make an impact on the industry. Now, as a residential cabinet supplier with Builder’s Choice, she is responsible for building relationships and driving solutions that make a difference for customers and their bottom line. Her passion for design, construction, and development is leveraged for the full spectrum of cabinetry solutions that Builder’s Choice provides to builders: high volume cabinetry installations for production homes and multi-family units to custom cabinetry for luxury developments.

“Because we understand the day-to-day workings of residential construction, we implement practical solutions that integrate with our customers’ schedules and timelines.”


John Morton

Operations Manager


Mike Contreras

Account Manager


Ricky Valencia

Account Manager