So simple, it works every time

design-iconDesign: We focus on finding the exact style, price, and schedule fit for you, our customer.  Whether you are an architect, builder, or designer, we work with you to find the right price point that fits within your budget and the best product styles that fit your target market.  Once you select a product design, Builder’s Choice performs detailed measurements on the home, to prevent unnecessary costs later down the line.   We are responsible for making sure your order fits your opening or space and will alert you if we find frame issues which will need to be corrected.

order-iconOrder: After you submit a PO with an estimated timeframe for installation, our order processing team cross-checks the order for accuracy.  We place the order with the supplier and confirm your installation date. When possible, we order locally from Texas to secure the best lead times in the industry.  We then monitor the order during the fulfillment period to ensure you stay on schedule.

handle-iconHandle: Our Lean Six Sigma Management approach ensures your order is received, packaged, and delivered in the safest, most efficient manner possible. We receive advanced notice of a shipment so our team is prepared to hit the ground running. Once the order is audited and quality-checked for damages, each box, window or countertop receives specialty handling to prevent damage during delivery. Our delivery team leaves our warehouse by 4:30 am daily to ensure timely delivery to our installation crews. We unload using a detailed 11-step process which includes time-stamped documentation and photos for quality control.

install-iconInstall: By 10am on the same day of delivery, our team of installation experts arrives to begin work.  Installers follow a 48-Step standard work process, the installation team carefully unpacks, surveys, and installs to our builder’s specification and our own high standards.

Inspection: Quality Walks include a 22-Step Standard Work inspection process is performed within 24 hours of installation.  Although discrepancies are rare, we record any missing parts or modification requests and record then in our cloud based field management software before sending a field report to each project manager.

Our Field Managers can access the entire history of a home stored in the cloud to review with the builder at any time.

Final Punch: We walk-through to officially complete the project to touch up as needed and make any final adjustments required.  A final report is sent to you project manager for documentation so you can continue your build with details in hand.